Gardening for Life

Homeowners, parks and builders can plan for long term success while creating a better climate.

Tamara Litke

Tamara Elke Litke is a Master Gardener and has a Master of Education degree in Sustainability.

She has worked in community gardens, school projects and botanical gardens.  She is a board member of the Native Bee Society of BC, a Butterfly Ranger and an ambassador for World Wildlife’s ‘In The Zone’, all of which bring indigenous plant species back into residential yards. 

Easy Natural Gardens

Learn about plants that have adapted to our climate.  Beneficial groupings of native plants provide a waterwise, low maintenance garden that can create years of enjoyment. Trees, shrubs, ferns and flowers will be considered for their tolerance for sun, shade or wet garden areas. 

We help you plan out the easiest garden possible.  We will look at healthy habitats, best practices and the reasons why reintroducing indigenous species to your garden in our current climate is a smart choice.